Travel Diaries With or Without Pets?


I have a cute adorable furry Persian cat, her name is “Flurry”, and do I need to mention my profession? - Not required right? Still would mention - I am a globetrotter - Traveling is my passion - exploring novel places gives me a different level of happiness. On the other hand, flurry is my soulmate - I can stay without a boyfriend but cannot imagine my life without Flurry - especially my travel diaries. The question was how will I plan my travel trips with Flurry, I experienced a couple of airlines that offer good pet policy and allows a pet on the flight - out of all, to date my best experience is with Southwest Airlines.

When we discuss the inexpensive flight fares, the meaning differs for the solo travelers and for the family that travels together (Spouse + 2 Kids) - back when we were solo travelers we would be happily managing our "so-called budget" by opting for best deals with late-night stopovers and budget facilities. However, the entire scenario changes when you have a partner plus 2 children traveling with you.

MySouthwest Airline Ticket Reservationwith “Flurry” to Mauritius was splendid - I am talking about last December. It allows small vaccinated domestic animals such as dogs and cats to travel with you in-cabin under the seat and always in front of your eyes. The point to be remembered is all the pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier as per their guidelines. Now imagine your cute little baby can also travel the world with you. Southwest Airlinesallows a total of six pets per flight with a limit of one pet per customer traveling on the same flight.

You should keep in mind the pets that engage in disruptive behavior will be denied boarding. For instance, scratching, excessive whining or growling or biting, lunging, urinating or any other disruptive behavior.

In-cabin Pet Carriers

I had to buy an officially Southwest Airlines branded pet carrier which cost me about $58 (including taxes) - the pet carriers are non-refundable.

I still remember, the security check - I had to pass through security holding Flurry in my arms and walk through the screening device while the carrier is being x-rayed. That reminds me of the excellent facilities I received from Southwest Airlinesthroughout my flight journey.

Thanks to the airlines, my Mauritius trip with Flurry was amazing and memorable, had clicked many candid pictures - capturing every moment of my exotic trip to Mauritius.

When I had shared my experience on social media with my followers, everyone was in a shock, especially my close friends - as they know my obsession for Flurry - but could not believe that even my cat will be part of my travel diaries too from now on.