Book Your Tickets for Sumfest Reggae Festival One of the Coolest Things to Do In Montego Bay Jamaica


Before we go to Sumfest Reggae Festival, let me brief you about Jamaica via Montego Bay - this place continues to impress as a world-famous destination for travelers looking for - to enjoy beaches, ocean adventures, and romantic vacation packages. Montego Bay is the capital of Saint James Parish, popular for beach resorts and golf courses - located on Jamaica’s north coast. I had visited Montego Bay with a bunch of my friends last July, we wanted to experience Sumfest - the Caribbean's premier music festival - that showcases Jamaica’s indigenous music along with other popular global genres of music.

I cannot narrate the experience, right now - the breathtaking experiences we had when we visited this destination - our sweet memories have got locked at Blue hole - secret falls - Dunn’s River Fall, Rastasafari experience, Martha Brae River Raffling, Blue Lagoon, and at many other places.

What I enjoyed the most was Luminious Lagoon Experience - Got that feeling will find my soul soon, experienced calmness that rejuvenated me completely - you should have a majestic evening in waters sparkling with blue light, view of mangrove lagoon illuminated by microscopic organisms, sip in a complimentary rum or fruit punch - you will rarely find this experience anywhere else in the world.

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We had also booked our stay viasouthwest airlines flights- trust me, it was worth every penny - genuinely Southwest Airlinesoffered us the best and lowest rates in comparison to other airlines. Finally, the momentous-day was here, we attended Sumfest Reggae Festival - captured the music that promoted three of the country’s most valuable products - the music, the culture, and the island itself as a Global tourist destination - still have those video clicks in my handy camera.

I was never into music band and music festivals before but after attending one of the best music fests in Jamaica, I have started exploring other music fests as well - every music fest is different as it depicts their own culture, tradition, and moreover, it describes the place.